Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Le 48H Maisons de Mode - Fashion Show 2012

My oh my, what a weekend it has been. 
As mentioned in my previous entry, I was lucky to get a seat at the 2012 Fashion Show of Maisons de Mode so obviously I will share some of my experience with my lovely readers.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? 
The entire event, including the fashion show, was just an incredibly well organized event with an amazing amount of talent under one roof like, Constance L, House of Vice, Lenaklax, République du Chiffon and many many more!   

The choreography was impeccable and at some shows so eery like the one for La Garçonnière which, show-wise, was one of my favourites.  A close second was Bold Boys, which also a fun show with great menswear.

Now to the fashion for the ladies! There were like I said before quite a few amazing designers, but there were a couple that really caught my eye.

First up there was the collection of Clivia Nobili, which was like a fabulous walk through an enchanted forest. The print she used was just incredible!  It was a perfect mixture of elegant sleek style with a touch of something unexpected. The colors are a perfect fit for this time of the year, dark but still not just black.

Secondly, I loved the collection of Ysterike! A colorful mixture of dresses, jackets and trousers. It was playful with some classic cuts mixed with some more unexpected elements...all in all it made my eyes sparkle with joy! 

Last but not least was the underwear collection for the curvier ladies from Mirage Magique, which were being brought to the runway by a beautiful burlesque dancer. Beautiful pieces and a beautiful show.

Apart from these few examples there were a bunch of other amazing designers and shows which you can find on the Maisons de Mode youtube site. (http://www.youtube.com/user/maisonsdemodefr?feature=results_main)

If you get the chance, I would highly suggest keeping an eye out for next years 48h de Maisons de Mode, I know I will most certainly be there.

Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm baaaaaacck!

Wow it sure has been a long time since my last blog entry and for that my dear readers I do apologize.

Between exams, work and dealing with contractors (I have spent my fair share of time in DIY shops!) there was very little time left for blogging.
But fear not because I am back with plenty of ideas on new entries! 

I am going to show you my purchases from the collection of the "Fashion Shower" queen Anna Dello Russo once I get my hands on my order (it is being shipped as I type) and will also,on the Fashion front, be writing an entry on the "Les 48H Maison de Mode" Lille Fashion Show which I will be attending next Friday night!

So excited! 

Apart from that, being true to myself, I have been to several new restaurants which of course will get their own entries as well.

As you see there is some exciting stuff coming up so bear with me while I get back into the groove. ;-)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Best Sushi in Saint Gilles/Louise Area

I was thinking of doing a review on some fashion related items today, but as there were a few people asking me about Sushi, I decided to write a review about Sakura instead.

I live in the Saint Gilles area and have been quite lucky with being surrounded by different Sushi places, as Sushi is one of my favorites! 
But my favorite Sushi restaurant would have to be Sakura, not only because of the food but also because of the service and location.

Sakura has amazing fish which is very fresh and not expensive at all! Compared to the Sushi Shop and Sushi's on Chaussee de Charleroi, it beats both of them on quality and price.

Starter: Seaweed salad with sesame
The starters are between 5-10euro, and there is even hot starters made of something other than fish, so you are not actually forced to have sushi while you eat there...although it would be the whole point of going to a Sushi restaurant.

Sidedish: Temaki with Prawns (around 4.5€)
Sidedish: Edamame beans and Chicken in Soya sauce (5-7€)

For the actual meal I shared a large sushi boat with a friend (36€) and the fish is just so delightful that it melts on your tongue. 
Another plus point is that they have recently started a delivery service which is free when you order over 20€ and live not too far from the resturant.
Sakura - Simonisstraat 2, 1060 Saint Gilles
So the next time you feel like Sushi, take my advice and head over to Sakura! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Michka the lost Garfield/Puss in boots look-a-like

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love cats! To the point that people consider me a crazy cat lady because of my love for my two cats Charlie Croker (from the Italian Job (original not the Marky Mark shizzle) ) and Sonsini Leon Talley (as in Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati law firm & Andre Leon Talley).

So this morning when I woke up and saw a scared little cat in our courtyard, I couldn't help myself and had to go out and assess the situation. The kitty looked extremely well taken care off (which is a kind way of saying it was rather fat) and his hair was all nicely groomed, so I started thinking that the poor cat had gotten out of his house and was now lost.

Michka @ the vet being checked for an electronic  chip
I went back inside, got some food, water and snacks and tried calling my vet to see what would be the best way to get this cat to his owner. However as it was a Saturday and my vet wasn't working, the "veterinaire de garde" sadly couldn't give me a lot of helpful information.
I tried getting the cat into our cat box with the help of my man, but it was a mission impossible moment as the cat is way too big for our little mini box!
I called in the help of my cat whisperer neighbors and the two of them came down and after an hour we were able to get the cat in their cat box, take him to the vet to get him checked for a electronic chip and made little posters to hang up around the neighborhood. We had also found several solutions for what to do if the cat wouldn't be reunited with his owner.

Two doors from our house a lady answered the door when my neighbors went to drop of the little posters, looked at the picture and said ''Oh my that looks a lot like my cat, but my cat doesn't go outside"...my neighbor showed her some of the other pictures we had taken and after a while the lady realized that it was indeed her cat! Only to see her husband at the same time worriedly walking down the street with one of our posters, realizing he had left the door open that morning and the cat had gotten out!

Everyone was extremely happy to be reunited again and we were invited over for tea as a little thank you for our detective skills...makes me wonder whether I should just stop studying law and start roaming the streets of Brussels looking for missing cats and dogs to reunite with their owners...perhaps I should consider that once I am retired ;-)

The future is looking very bright for me...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Malta: The Mdina Experience, Gozo and Valetta

My first tourist trip in Malta was to the beautiful Mdina!

Mdina is a "medieval walled town situated on a hill in the centre of the island" (Thanks Wikipedia.) which is just stunning to walk through. 
Obviously it was even more pleasant because we got to visit Fontanella, which is a little tea garden known for it's amazing cakes.

Beautiful streets of Mdina
For cake lovers all over, this is a place you have to visit! 

Next up was a road & ferry trip with two of my guy friends to Gozo, which is also magnificant! We went to the beach and had lunch at a wonderful restaurant called Pierre's right next to the water! The fish tasted divine and the view was so amazing! 

Starters of Moules in chili and tomato sauce
The beach on the other hand was a tad bit tricky, as we didn't know there were areas were one is meant to swim and areas where you are not meant to swim due to the many big rocks which stop you from making two steps without falling on to a sharp edge...You may have guessed it already but we were the dumba**es who swam in the no swimming area and were left with wonderful bruises to remind us of our beach experience! 
Relaxing my bruises after the deadly beach trip
My last trip was to Valetta, were due to time restrictions I was only able to spend 1 hour shopping for 3 guys (not even for myself!) Again, a beautiful place were you mainly go for shopping and sightseeing as well.
Fountain at Valletta station
I am most certainly planning to head back to Malta as soon as I can get some time of from studying and working, as there are so many places I still have to visit! 
For those considering going to Malta, I can only say do it! Do it now! Book your tickets (after you finish reading this blog entry)! 
The people are friendly the cocktails are delish and the sightseeing is heaven for people who like art and history (like myself).

So Malta, it's been real, thanks for the hospitality and the drinks...till next time, cheers!

Espresso Martini @ Paparazzi 159 St.Georges Road - Paceville, St. Julian's 

The day I took candy from a stranger

So pretty embarresing to have been gone for so long, when one has just started writing a blog, but I have to say I do have a valid reason, which is that I was unable to find any kind of WiFi while in Malta and also because it was actually a mad busy week!
I will thus be uploading different posts to tell you all about my Malta holiday.

So let's start at the beginning, as I had mentioned prior to my departure, I was not looking forward to flying to Malta, as I am a rather nervous person when it comes to flying.
Now aside from that I thought to myself, as long as I have everything planned before I leave the house, I will do fine.

So there I was leaving my house around 2 hours before the set flight, with a movie picked out to watch on my iPhone during the flight and a mental list of trashy magazines I would read before boarding....little did I know that the Brussels trains had another plan in mind.

After 40 minutes of delay, the train decided to break down at the North station, at this point I only had 1hour before boarding with a bag to check in and a distant memory of the trashy magazines which would not be joining me on the flight to Milan.

After sprinting, pushing and yelling at several poor holiday bound people I got to my gate just in time for boarding, thirsty, magazine free and movie free as I had forgotten to download it, and there was no longer any WiFi available.

Safe to say the take of was horrid and would have been worse if it hadn't been for the kindest old lady seated next to me, who seeing the fear of God in my eyes, decided to stuff me with a gigantic bag of Haribo candy. To every ''No, thank you'' from me she responded ''Sì, sì mangiare mangiare (or something in those lines)"

So wherever you may be kind old candy lady....thank you for making the flight sweet and bearable! 

Arrival @ Milano Airport, where me and candy lady parted ways

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Heading to sunny Malta

Today has been a rollercoaster of emotions (sorry had to be dramatic with the words).
Have spent the day packing my bag and trying as hard as possible not to think of the fact that I will be on a plane tomorrow all alone, heading to Malta! 

The heading to Malta part is obviously the fun bit, the being on a plane when one is afraid of flying is not so fun in the slightest.
I have spoken to many people and heard many tips and tricks but I must say there is very little anyone can tell me that makes flying more enjoyable for me.

This will be me tomorrow...

Either way, I have packed my bag and am looking forward to lying on a sunny beach with a cocktail in my newly manicured hand (see yesterdays post) reading trashy magazines and the mandatory law book or two. As my friend said, the fact that I am flying with the best airline (Lufthansa) and spending the flight with mostly Germans (I hope) will mean that it really isn't a big sacrifice to make for sun and fun! If that doesn't help, I am planning to do a lot of shopping during my layover in Milan to calm my nerves...or atleast that is the excuse I am going for.

Now I must get back to packing my bag and trying to get to a friends BBQ before everyone is gone. 

Sonsini trying to come along to Malta

Friday, July 13, 2012

L'Institut by J.V.

L'Institut by J.V. @ Rue Washington 77, 1050 Ixelles

In two days I will be heading to Malta for the first time ever to attend a friends wedding.
As I will be one of her bridesmaids I was given a mani/pedi as a gift at L'Institut, which is what I went and got this morning.

Now this was the first time I used Vernis Permanent, or ''Gelish'' as it is also called, and I can only say that I truly think this might become a little addiction of mine.
VP is a nail polish which is put on the same way as regular nail polish but stays on your fingers without chipping for around 2 weeks, on toes for about 4-5 weeks.

It takes an hour to do, and looks absolutely gorgeous, cause it stays shiny and new looking all throughout. 

The lady who did my nails is called Julie and is an absolute doll, totally bubbly and friendly and keeps you entertained while she makes your nails look all pretty!

L'Institute does more than just manicures and pedicures, and I am most likely going to try some more of their services to see if everything there is as good as Julie's work on my nails.

Be warned however that an appointment will have to be booked at least 10 days in advance, if not more, as Julie is very very popular, but totally worth the wait!
I personally went ahead and booked my next visit at the end of today's visit and am already looking forward to going back! 

Color: It's a Lilly!

De Vismet

The lovely staff @ Vismet, Sint-Katelijneplein 23, 1000 Brussels
Yesterday the man decided to take me out on a date.We went to one of my favorite fish restaurants in Brussels called "Vismet".
Now I have been living in Belgium for about 18years, and have been to many restaurants all over the country, but there hasn't been a restaurant yet, that surpasses the "Vismet".

The service is amazing, always helpful and friendly no matter how busy it gets there (and take my word for it, it is always busy) they still give you service with a smile (and will even pose for a picture!). 
The food is just so pure and delicious, I think it is simply impossible to have a bad meal there.

As they are always quite busy, I would suggest booking in advance to make sure you will have a table.
The prices do vary as it does depend on the kind of fish you order, but you can rest assured that it is worth every penny....or eurocent even!

Starter: Razor Clams with young garlic and chili

Main: Sole Meunière

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What to do when you have nothing new to say?

After a long time of going back and forth on the idea, whether or not I should start writing a blog, I decided to ask myself, if there was anything I could write about that hasn't already been written about...I found the answer to that question being: No.

However, as I frequently get messages from friends asking me where to go for food, clothes, make up and other things, I thought to myself maybe I can share a nugget of interesting wisdom in the shape of reviews of places & things...and on the days that I can't I can always come back to talking about fashion and daily life.

Although having said daily life, I still haven't quite figured out what it is about people blogging about their daily life which makes it so intriguing to read, whether it is sheer boredom or a little bit of "1984" voyeurism in each and every one of us.
Perhaps having my own blog will help me figure that one out in time.

So that basically sums up in a nutshell what awaits the readers, if there even will be any, of this brand new shiny blog! 

Under Construction...