Friday, August 3, 2012

Best Sushi in Saint Gilles/Louise Area

I was thinking of doing a review on some fashion related items today, but as there were a few people asking me about Sushi, I decided to write a review about Sakura instead.

I live in the Saint Gilles area and have been quite lucky with being surrounded by different Sushi places, as Sushi is one of my favorites! 
But my favorite Sushi restaurant would have to be Sakura, not only because of the food but also because of the service and location.

Sakura has amazing fish which is very fresh and not expensive at all! Compared to the Sushi Shop and Sushi's on Chaussee de Charleroi, it beats both of them on quality and price.

Starter: Seaweed salad with sesame
The starters are between 5-10euro, and there is even hot starters made of something other than fish, so you are not actually forced to have sushi while you eat there...although it would be the whole point of going to a Sushi restaurant.

Sidedish: Temaki with Prawns (around 4.5€)
Sidedish: Edamame beans and Chicken in Soya sauce (5-7€)

For the actual meal I shared a large sushi boat with a friend (36€) and the fish is just so delightful that it melts on your tongue. 
Another plus point is that they have recently started a delivery service which is free when you order over 20€ and live not too far from the resturant.
Sakura - Simonisstraat 2, 1060 Saint Gilles
So the next time you feel like Sushi, take my advice and head over to Sakura! 

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