Sunday, July 29, 2012

Michka the lost Garfield/Puss in boots look-a-like

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love cats! To the point that people consider me a crazy cat lady because of my love for my two cats Charlie Croker (from the Italian Job (original not the Marky Mark shizzle) ) and Sonsini Leon Talley (as in Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati law firm & Andre Leon Talley).

So this morning when I woke up and saw a scared little cat in our courtyard, I couldn't help myself and had to go out and assess the situation. The kitty looked extremely well taken care off (which is a kind way of saying it was rather fat) and his hair was all nicely groomed, so I started thinking that the poor cat had gotten out of his house and was now lost.

Michka @ the vet being checked for an electronic  chip
I went back inside, got some food, water and snacks and tried calling my vet to see what would be the best way to get this cat to his owner. However as it was a Saturday and my vet wasn't working, the "veterinaire de garde" sadly couldn't give me a lot of helpful information.
I tried getting the cat into our cat box with the help of my man, but it was a mission impossible moment as the cat is way too big for our little mini box!
I called in the help of my cat whisperer neighbors and the two of them came down and after an hour we were able to get the cat in their cat box, take him to the vet to get him checked for a electronic chip and made little posters to hang up around the neighborhood. We had also found several solutions for what to do if the cat wouldn't be reunited with his owner.

Two doors from our house a lady answered the door when my neighbors went to drop of the little posters, looked at the picture and said ''Oh my that looks a lot like my cat, but my cat doesn't go outside" neighbor showed her some of the other pictures we had taken and after a while the lady realized that it was indeed her cat! Only to see her husband at the same time worriedly walking down the street with one of our posters, realizing he had left the door open that morning and the cat had gotten out!

Everyone was extremely happy to be reunited again and we were invited over for tea as a little thank you for our detective skills...makes me wonder whether I should just stop studying law and start roaming the streets of Brussels looking for missing cats and dogs to reunite with their owners...perhaps I should consider that once I am retired ;-)

The future is looking very bright for me...

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