Friday, July 27, 2012

Malta: The Mdina Experience, Gozo and Valetta

My first tourist trip in Malta was to the beautiful Mdina!

Mdina is a "medieval walled town situated on a hill in the centre of the island" (Thanks Wikipedia.) which is just stunning to walk through. 
Obviously it was even more pleasant because we got to visit Fontanella, which is a little tea garden known for it's amazing cakes.

Beautiful streets of Mdina
For cake lovers all over, this is a place you have to visit! 

Next up was a road & ferry trip with two of my guy friends to Gozo, which is also magnificant! We went to the beach and had lunch at a wonderful restaurant called Pierre's right next to the water! The fish tasted divine and the view was so amazing! 

Starters of Moules in chili and tomato sauce
The beach on the other hand was a tad bit tricky, as we didn't know there were areas were one is meant to swim and areas where you are not meant to swim due to the many big rocks which stop you from making two steps without falling on to a sharp edge...You may have guessed it already but we were the dumba**es who swam in the no swimming area and were left with wonderful bruises to remind us of our beach experience! 
Relaxing my bruises after the deadly beach trip
My last trip was to Valetta, were due to time restrictions I was only able to spend 1 hour shopping for 3 guys (not even for myself!) Again, a beautiful place were you mainly go for shopping and sightseeing as well.
Fountain at Valletta station
I am most certainly planning to head back to Malta as soon as I can get some time of from studying and working, as there are so many places I still have to visit! 
For those considering going to Malta, I can only say do it! Do it now! Book your tickets (after you finish reading this blog entry)! 
The people are friendly the cocktails are delish and the sightseeing is heaven for people who like art and history (like myself).

So Malta, it's been real, thanks for the hospitality and the drinks...till next time, cheers!

Espresso Martini @ Paparazzi 159 St.Georges Road - Paceville, St. Julian's 

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