Saturday, July 14, 2012

Heading to sunny Malta

Today has been a rollercoaster of emotions (sorry had to be dramatic with the words).
Have spent the day packing my bag and trying as hard as possible not to think of the fact that I will be on a plane tomorrow all alone, heading to Malta! 

The heading to Malta part is obviously the fun bit, the being on a plane when one is afraid of flying is not so fun in the slightest.
I have spoken to many people and heard many tips and tricks but I must say there is very little anyone can tell me that makes flying more enjoyable for me.

This will be me tomorrow...

Either way, I have packed my bag and am looking forward to lying on a sunny beach with a cocktail in my newly manicured hand (see yesterdays post) reading trashy magazines and the mandatory law book or two. As my friend said, the fact that I am flying with the best airline (Lufthansa) and spending the flight with mostly Germans (I hope) will mean that it really isn't a big sacrifice to make for sun and fun! If that doesn't help, I am planning to do a lot of shopping during my layover in Milan to calm my nerves...or atleast that is the excuse I am going for.

Now I must get back to packing my bag and trying to get to a friends BBQ before everyone is gone. 

Sonsini trying to come along to Malta

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