Friday, July 27, 2012

The day I took candy from a stranger

So pretty embarresing to have been gone for so long, when one has just started writing a blog, but I have to say I do have a valid reason, which is that I was unable to find any kind of WiFi while in Malta and also because it was actually a mad busy week!
I will thus be uploading different posts to tell you all about my Malta holiday.

So let's start at the beginning, as I had mentioned prior to my departure, I was not looking forward to flying to Malta, as I am a rather nervous person when it comes to flying.
Now aside from that I thought to myself, as long as I have everything planned before I leave the house, I will do fine.

So there I was leaving my house around 2 hours before the set flight, with a movie picked out to watch on my iPhone during the flight and a mental list of trashy magazines I would read before boarding....little did I know that the Brussels trains had another plan in mind.

After 40 minutes of delay, the train decided to break down at the North station, at this point I only had 1hour before boarding with a bag to check in and a distant memory of the trashy magazines which would not be joining me on the flight to Milan.

After sprinting, pushing and yelling at several poor holiday bound people I got to my gate just in time for boarding, thirsty, magazine free and movie free as I had forgotten to download it, and there was no longer any WiFi available.

Safe to say the take of was horrid and would have been worse if it hadn't been for the kindest old lady seated next to me, who seeing the fear of God in my eyes, decided to stuff me with a gigantic bag of Haribo candy. To every ''No, thank you'' from me she responded ''Sì, sì mangiare mangiare (or something in those lines)"

So wherever you may be kind old candy lady....thank you for making the flight sweet and bearable! 

Arrival @ Milano Airport, where me and candy lady parted ways

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