Friday, July 13, 2012

De Vismet

The lovely staff @ Vismet, Sint-Katelijneplein 23, 1000 Brussels
Yesterday the man decided to take me out on a date.We went to one of my favorite fish restaurants in Brussels called "Vismet".
Now I have been living in Belgium for about 18years, and have been to many restaurants all over the country, but there hasn't been a restaurant yet, that surpasses the "Vismet".

The service is amazing, always helpful and friendly no matter how busy it gets there (and take my word for it, it is always busy) they still give you service with a smile (and will even pose for a picture!). 
The food is just so pure and delicious, I think it is simply impossible to have a bad meal there.

As they are always quite busy, I would suggest booking in advance to make sure you will have a table.
The prices do vary as it does depend on the kind of fish you order, but you can rest assured that it is worth every penny....or eurocent even!

Starter: Razor Clams with young garlic and chili

Main: Sole Meunière

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  1. Nomnom! We have to go there next time im in town! X